Day 1 of Ramadhan.

6:54:00 AM

Day 1 of Ramadhan. Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Welcome) Ramadhan!

I've always love writing, and Mr. said that sometimes, he feels like I've lost myself because I don't write like how I used to - so I don't express myself, and ending up being moody with everyone else. Honestly, I always have things to say, and so sometimes I write them down in my phone. But being discipline to write, has always been that challenge, because I'm too "busy" with life.

Ramadhan is always a good month to start new habits and intentions. And because we wake up for suhoor around 5am in the morning, I thought, why not I set the target to just write, every morning after my suhoor and Fajr prayers?

This was also inspired by a cousin of mine, who's been writing daily since 1st of January, because she believes in 'creating habits' - and the Mr. told me about how successful people have a daily morning routine - while mine is pretty haywire everyday.

As I write this, I'm fighting to keep awake, but I need to, because:

1) Struggle needs to happen in order to change or be better.

2) I actually realized that when I sleep right after eating suhoor, I end up being sluggish and hungry when I wake up again.

Point 2 was backed up by Mr's Personal Trainer (PT) when he said that if you sleep after sahoor, your mouth will produce a saliva with a certain chemical/hormone (can't remember now) that will signal your body to feel hungry. Also read somewhere that if you sleep right after a big meal especially when it involves high carb food - your insulin level will suddenly shoot high and then suddenly low a few hours later, leaving you super hungry.

Ahhh.. so sleepy. But yes, the sun is out now. I got minutes left before the kids get up. Will write more tomorrow.

Check out these tips to stay awake after suhoor:

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