On the recent Christchurch shootings and how we should all be proud Muslims.

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It has been a week since the shootings at Christchurch, a country so peaceful and harmony that you would least expect this to happen. It has even occurred to me and #mrtelekung that if we ever decide to migrate, lets move to NZ because we LOVE LOVE LOVE the serenity and calmness of the country during our last visit there.

Today, New Zealand has made it a national hijab day where ladies will be wearing the headscarves to show solidarity. In fact with the hashtag #headscarfforharmony, you will see many others around the world who will do the same too, some sharing their experience to wear the hijab for the very first time. Central London just broadcasted azan loudly at Trafalgar Square, and later today the azan will also be broadcasted all over the New Zealand national TV and radio during Friday prayers, masyaAllah. 


What worries me too is that the extra length New Zealand is taking in showing their empathy and respect to Muslims in their country has also resulted to those right wing extremists or islamophobic (wow that’s even a word now) getting really annoyed and attacking Muslims elsewhere #hatecrime. I’ve heard of attacks in Birmingham and also in Perth for the past few days, just post Christchurch shootings. Polls and reports and discussions are also published on the percentage of citizens that find it unsafe to have a high number of Muslims in their country.

What I would like to point out here is that we Muslims, should take this opportunity to do dakwah to those around us, starting with our akhlak, our character. I have to say, during my recent holiday trip to London, the mass majoority of the local community Muslims there are honestly not the best behaved around. Even during my uni days in Sydney, the Lebanese-Muslims there are also the ones we Malaysian students see as “rempits” - driving the car with loud music, honking here and there, getting into fights.

Now let’s take a look at us as Muslims here in Malaysia. I do think we can do better. What I would like all of us to do is to remember that we are a Muslim first in all that we do, and that we are the best walking advertisement (branding) of Islam.

Akhlak, let’s start with that. In everything that you do from today onwards, always ask yourself, how would a Muslim do this. If someone accidentally hit your car, and while you’re coming out to discuss, ask yourself at that particular time, “I represent a Muslim, how should I react and deal with this,” - just like how you’re at your best behaviour representing your company. Or if the waiter gets your order wrong, how do you portray the best branding of Islam in dealing with it. I’m sure you wouldn’t just scream or push the plate away. If we all practice this, then only the beauty of Islam can be seen by others around us. We must all take this responsibility.

Secondly, all this azan and hijab movement around the world, it just shows the IDENTITY of a Muslim. "I have never felt this proud to walk in my hijab as I have felt today," said Hjh Salmah Kassim, a Malaysian news reporter, who experienced New Zealanders stopping their cars from both sides to allow her to cross the road, and also witnessing all the women around her wearing the hijab. And I think, we should all feel like that, all the time.  We should all be proud that we're Muslims, and show that to the world, with the hijab, the beard. If you have been thinking about donning the hijab, maybe your can start today :)

Today, let's make dua for all the victims in the shootings, especially to the little brother of ours, Brother Haziq, and make dua for the safety of all the Muslims all over the world. May we all stand strong and united in our faith.

We really don't know what Allah has planned for all of us. Maybe because of such a shooting, Islam may rise. Who knows.


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