Short Getaway at Damai Laut, Perak!

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Just three weeks to go till the end of 2018, and we’ve been blessed with a sponsored stay at the Swiss Court Holiday Apartments, Damai Last, Perak (SCHA). The minute we told the kids about this, everyone jumped in excitement, with Little Luqman saying “Holidayyyy Mommy? Yayyyy!”

SCHA is one of the accommodation options at Swiss Garden Damai Laut. It is located about half an hour from the Lumut town, so be ready to be cut off from the outside world when you’re here (unless you’re wiling to spend an hour trip just for a meal!) However, worry not, since it’s an apartment, cooking is allowed, so buy fresh seafood from Lumut and bring them over! 

While waiting for the room to be ready, at the lounge of SCHA

My sister Eniza, doing the check-ins.

Inflatables at the lobby/lounge area for the kids to play
When we first arrived our room, we were impressed with how huge the space is. The apartment studio room is equipped with 1x King Bed and 1x Sofa Bed so it’s perfect for us with the kids. The kids were running from one end to the other end of the room - enjoying the space. Also, we got the newly renovated room, and everything was brand new. It felt like a hotel room, complete with towels and toiletries, and really comfy beds and comforters. 
Photos of the apartment room.
It was ridiculously hot that day, so the minute we arrived, the kids jumped straight into the pool. There’s floats for rent there, and this HUGE unicorn float is certainly a must! It took Mr. three times to try to get on it, but failed miserably, making a huge splash instead. It took me twice to finally get on it, and here’s a photo of all of us on it (with Mr. outside haha) 

Later on in the evening, we went to Damai Laut Resort (which is another accommodation at the area) to check out the Mini Water Theme Park. This theme park is free for those staying in the resort, but for those staying at SCHA like us, RM20 charge per day is applicable, in exchange for 4x of towels. It was a day before Christmas, so the theme park was full of people! However, the kids still had a good time despite the crowd. 

There are slides for different age groups. Luqman played at the toddler area for a while, and then went on the big slide with me and my sister. Shortly after, he just wanted to float around in the big pool. Aisya (who is turning 6 soon) enjoyed all of the slides! Going on them again and again and again! 

Since there was a changing room at the pool area at the resort, we decided to just change there and stay on for the buffet dinner. We were lucky that it was Christmas Eve, so they served a Christmas-theme buffet dinner, with turkeys and fresh lobsters and oysters to name a few, complimented with party hats and whistles and blowers. Just look at these photos of their food!

Not just that, there was also fireworks later on in the evening, to celebrate Christmas. And since it was full house, you can imagine the ambience, sooo meriah and kecoh and happening!

The next day, I decided to join their jungle trekking activity to first introduced Aisya to nature walk. 
Two of SCHA staffs joined us as guides and one of them was helpful enough to carry Aisya around on his back when we were at steep area of the trail, while the other one walked at the far back to make sure all is good. I would say the level of the trail is Intermediate, but if your kid is up for it, why not. At the end of it, Aisya said it was alright, only “too many nyamuk mommy!’ she complained hehe. But I on the other hand, enjoyed the trail very much! It reminded me of the days that I used to do this, and how much I enjoyed it those days. Mr. didn’t join us as he had to stay in the room to take care of Luqman. 

Later on at night, we joined in their ‘fun-fishing-night’ activity. To be honest, fishing is not really my thing, because I cannot stand imagining the hook going into the fish’s mouth hehe, but I joined in the trip anyway, for the fun of it, without even holding any rods. My dad and Mr. seem to enjoy themselves, which after 2 hours, my dad managed to catch a 1kg catfish (ikan sembilang) woohoooo. Fishing trip was done at their private jetty, also in the resort area. A buggy brought us there, and they prepared everything for us, rods and hooks and lures. All complete! You just have to bring yourself :)

Overall, we all had a splendid time at SCHA, just perfect to end the year! The kids went on swimming like there’s no tomorrow. We were fed with buffet food, 3 times a day, and all the time, the food served was tasty and variety, so what got me worried was how much I gained at the end of the trip. 

Fresh roti canai served during breakfast buffet

Sitting area at the Garden Terrace, overlooking Pangkor Island

Buffet Line

Kids favourite choice for breakfast, always.

I’m not sure if Swiss Court Holiday Apartments can be booked by the public, but from what I understand, it is provided free to members of the SGI Vacation Club. A member is entitled to 7/14 nights yearly for 15 years at over 300 accomodations around the world. All they need to do is pay a one-time membership fee plus an annual maintenance fee. How awesome is that?

To find out more about the membership, do visit their website here and their Facebook page here (insert link). Here’s the contact number and address of their headquarters in KL:

S-7-01 & S-7-02,
Swiss-Garden Residences,
No. 2A, Jalan Galloway,
50150 Kuala Lumpur.

Thank you SGI Vacation Club for such a wonderful stay at your accommodation! 

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