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31st December 2017. That's like a whole 8 months of MIA. Yet, I have so, so, so many thoughts running in my mind now.

My daughter will be turning 5 in 2018. And its finally, serious time. I've been giving myself and my child some time to just have fun, and now that she's turning 5 , its time to get a little serious in developing her. We signed her up for Music classes this year, and she never had to practice, but this coming year, she has to start. More structured timing - for iqra', for music practices. She needs to solat 5 times a day, start memorizing some more surahs. It's time to press that button.

I tried vlogging in 2017, and just like this blog, I only had 2 videos uploaded. LOL. This coming year, I want to write more. I've always enjoyed writing, and I should be a little more discipline this time around.

2018. Will be the year that our family will be debt-free. We have decided to sell our house, and use the money to pay all our debts. Alhamdulillah, we have an interested buyer who has already submitted for loan approval, insyaAllah if that goes well, our debt snowball will start rolling! (Google: Debt Snowball Method)

You know what else I want to try? I want to go back to swimming, a sport that I've also loved doing. I want to do that weekly if possible, or bi-weekly. But first, need to get that new muslimah swimsuit!

I've been cooking a lot at my parents place this year, so next year, we will be practicing cooking from our own house. It's time to get our routines right.

I don't really have a bullet list of things to improve, but I would like to change our family's lifestyle as a whole, even if its progressively.

Here's to 2018.

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