Oh those butter fingers!

11:06:00 PM

Ever since I can remember, I am known for my butter fingers! I'm soo clumsy I've lost count now how many cups and plates I've broken. I blame it on my super long fingers that I cannot seem to fully grip anything. When I hold a plate, it's always just my fingers holding them. So things just slip out of my hands, easily.

I'm so cool about things breaking too by the way. Like if I accidentally break a plate, I'll just go "Oh! Another one," - like I've fully accepted myself that way.

Mom always tells me, "When you were small, we made sure that we didn't order drinks when we eat, because everytime we do that, somehow you'll knock them over, spilling water everywhere,"

And you know what? I see this happening to my own kid now! I mean, her fingers are not THAT long. But she's always dropping things everywhere - 3 broken cups now by the way (yes, I'm keeping track). When we order drinks, she will somehow knock them over and yes, water everywhere on the floor and all, and here goes mommy saying 'Sorry' for the zillionth time to the waiters for having to clean up the mess she makes.

Mr. oh my Mr. can be the most impatient person in the world when he sees any food or drink spilling over. Anything else, but please, not cereals on the floor or ice cream on the car seat, or drinks on the table. Because I'm so immune to this, I always just shake my head in disappointment and go on and just clean the mess.

Now, my daughter even quickly says "Sorry ayah!" when she spills something over, that sometimes I laugh about it.

You see, I shake my head in disappointment because I see that clumsy ol me in my daughter. Its like I'm seeing a mirror. I have fully accepted myself as being clumsy and not get stressful about it. Am I supposed to just accept that my child is that way? Or try find a way to get her out of it? I mean, she's only four! Of course she can get out of it right? But how? I myself haven't found the way to it yet!

It's looks like now, I need to improve myself in order to shape my daughter. And I thought I can just accept my weaknesses and focus on my strength. Hello hello!


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