BIG Thirty.

9:56:00 PM

THIRTY okay! Like finally hitting the 3 series. Mr. wrote me a long birthday wish via whatsapp at midnight, although he was just right next to me. Then he said "Sorry, I didn't get you Duck scarves but only itik salai this time around," (which he ate and finished it all btw)

My 3 years old daughter kept giving me the same present today - a piece of paper with her colour-colour. "Mommy, I have a surprise for you!" and then gives me the same thing again and again. And then before she slept tonight she said, "Mommy, happy birthday! Make sure you don't hilangkan my present ok!"

Told Mr. that all I need is actually just a few hours of spa session to relax and take my mind off the kids and business for a while - and yes, he managed to get a place for next week! As for today, I took sometime looking at myself at 30. This 'being-a-mom' is permanent definitely. Responsibilities are bigger. But I couldn't have it any other way.

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