The things your husband says when he helps out with housework!

11:20:00 PM

You probably would have read in one of my recent posting here that we're both trying to work out taking care of the house and the kids together. Which means Mr. is also helping out with housework.

However ladies, please beware, getting your husbands helping out might also mean that he will say these.

While sweeping the floor:

"Hish, rambut you ni banyak nya gugur, better go and potong rambut je lah,"(postpartum- duh!)

While folding clothes: 

"Why don't you just wear the same baju tidur for a few nights?"

"Aisya, nanti lepas mandi, pakai je baju ni balik,"

While washing the dishes:

"I think we better makan dalam talam je lah! Senang, semua pakai satu pinggan je,"

"Okay, everyone drink from this one glass je. We share okay! Hah tak payah basuh banyak pinggan,"

"Next time, let's stick to just one dish per meal. Sayur ayam semua campur sekali in one dish. Tak payah banyak kena bersihkan, kan?"

Makan dalam talam


Hahahahaha. Now you know what we mommies go through right?

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