Pacifier vs. Thumb Sucking

12:19:00 AM

Mommy with thumb-sucking Luqman

Luqman is a sucker! Like literally, a sucker. He sucks on everything his hands can grab on. Which is also something we need to be cautious about. Small tiny toys especially. 

He started sucking his thumb back when he was about 3 months. Initially I found it amusing and cute! Also like how he was independent enough to soothe himself.

Luqman sucks vigorously, like all the time! After a month or so, I noticed his thumbnail looking a little bumpy and got me a little worried that his fingernails will be permanently like that (because I have that too on both my thumbnails!) So, I decided to introduced him to the pacifier. 

To be honest, I really don't agree with both; pacifier or thumbsucking, but its like I had to choose the lesser evil. 

He love the pacifier the second I introduced him to it (duh-obviously you little sucker) and then about week, he forgot about his thumbsucking habit. And then this mommy worries about how to curb away this new habit (ha-ha). I tell myself "Oh I'll worry about that later," but you know, we just like to worry for no strong reason sometimes. "What about his teeth?" "Will he be jongang?" 

When he wakes up at night, I just look for the pacifier and put it in his mouth, and then he goes sucking it back to sleep. Of course, looking for the pacifier at night isn't really that easy. At that particular time, I wish he just sucks his thumb! 

This past week, it looks like he's probably teething because he's drooling and also feverish. Pacifier don't seem to help that much. I put the pacifier, he pulls it out and cry, or suck the other side of the pacifier. He sees mommy, and he wants mommy (manja-boy!) and pacifier just doesn't do the magic anymore.

Maybe sucking is just a phase? Maybe he will naturally curb the pacifier habit? 

But mommy needs him to suck that pacifier and just be quiet!

This mommy I tell you, is a confused, self-contradicting mom. LOL. 

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