When the kids are sick.

12:46:00 AM

Luqman is officially 2 months old today. I woke up, with the plan to bring him for his 2 months jab, however ended up bringing his sister to the paed as well.

39 degrees! I panicked as it has been quite sometime since Aisya last had a temperature that high.
A visit to the paed's clinic later confirmed that she has sore throat, and after checking Luqman, it seems that he is slightly infected too. So no jabs for him today. Until he is stronger.

Little Aisya has been fighting cold and flu, off and on, for the past two months or so. It annoys me that she gets better over the weekend, and then when she goes to school on Monday, her nose starts getting runny again. Or she starts coughing, with phlegm. "It's the same old story I've been hearing!," said the doctor today.

Last week, when Luqman started having a slight flu, I was determined to make sure that my two kids get well soonest!. So I started giving Aisya honey and multivitamins daily. Invested in Young Living Essential Oil and turn them on at night. Let her inhale steam to break the phlegm. As for Luqman, I dropped saline solution in his nose to decongest the mucus. And they were all getting better! Last 2 days, Aisya's cough had stopped and there was no more flu and I was happy!She missed school last week. And then she went back to school on Monday, and then this happened.

"I guess she will go through another round of flu and cold!" said the doctor.

Oh no....not again!

Tonight, the two of them will be sleeping seperately. Mr. with Aisya. Me with the baby. Aisya was looking much better towards the end of the day. Must make sure baby gets better too (although he looks pretty ok! Thanks to breast milk)

I know its good for the kids immune system. To build up a strong immune system when being introduced to virus. But ohhh myyyyyy.....

Alright. Let's say Alhamdulillah to this instead. For every hardships, there is a hidden blessing.

And then I realized something, did I make dua to Allah to cure my children? Have I forgotten that He cures? Astaghfirullah!

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