Practicing the Sunnah - Tahneek, Shaving the Head & Aqeeqah

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With Aisya, we managed to follow the practice of our Prophet PBUH on the 7th day but not all of them. This time around, with the advice and guidance of Sheikh Zoubir and also my father-in-law, Pawan Chik, we decided to follow all of them, as follows:

1. Aqeeqah

On the morning of the 7th day, Mr. left after Fajr with Aisya, to a slaughter house in Klang. This is the usual place my father-in-law will handle any qurban/aqiqah for his friends. Since our child is a boy, 2 lambs are required to be slaughtered. According to Sheikh, it is even better that the father of the child slaughters the lambs, and so Mr. took the challenge. 

Mr. is the type of person who is scared of reptiles and cicaks and dark places - not really a macho man - and so I knew that for him to be slaughtering the lambs, is a really big deal. Thank you, for being brave enough to do so for our son, dear! I heard about how nervous you were before the event, hihi. 

2. Tahneek 

It is narrated about the Prophet (PBUH) that when a child was born and brought to him soon afterward, he would moisten a small piece of a date with his mouth and then place it on the palate of the newborn. [Bukhari, Muslim and others]

That afternoon, we had a simple tahneek session with our immediate family; my family and Mr's family. Together with Ajwa dates, we also had honey and some zam zam water. 

Tahneek was firstly done by Mr. as the father of the child, followed by the grandfathers and then the rest of the family. Of course with someone pious like my father-in-law, tahneek was done together with some du'a and hope that the child will also be as pious insyaAllah.

3. Shaving the Head (Potong Jambul)

Started with everyone cutting some hair off his head with scissors, and then with Mr. shaving them all off using a shaver. Of course, it was not as easy as it sounds. Baby was asleep (alhamdulillah!) but his head is soooo fragile so we had to be extra careful! We only shaved off as much as we can, and then continued on during bath times the next few days. 

The amount of hair shaved off is then weighed and then compared to the price of silver. We then gave out the amount in Ringgit, out for charity. In our case, we gave the orphanage from Baitul Hidayah Puchong. 

4. Naming the Child

After all that, we ended the ceremony with naming Baby L. Mr. started with Bismillah, and then said "Kami sebagai bapa dan ibu kepada anak ini, menamakan anak ini Luqman bin Anas. Semoga dia dapat menjadi seorang yang bijaksana dan mempunyai ciri-ciri seperti nama Luqman di dalam Al-Quran,"

And so, we introduce to you, Luqman bin Anas. 

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