Such a relief!

11:27:00 AM

After 2 weeks of trying to turn Baby L around, yesterday was an anxious moment for me. Mr's final advise to me is to make a nazar (nadhr - a vow to Allah) and so during my Zuhur prayers, I made a nadhr, to give out a certain-certain amount of charity over the weekend if Baby L turns.

Alhamdulillah, Baby L turned, and it was such a relief! It was like the greatest news I've heard for quite some time!

It felt like a heavy burden is being carried away from my shoulders.

And now, I'm all set - just waiting for the time. It's time to focus on the right mind set for the labour day. Lots of dua, lots of positivity. Lots of dhizkir and quran. Bismillah! #36weeks

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