Goodbye Pregnancy! Hello Confinement!

11:17:00 PM

Alhamdulillah, I smoothly delivered Baby L last Friday. It was a short delivery, but a painful one this time around. Will write about it in another post later.

So, here it is, say hello to confinement!

Things seem to be much easier this time around, more manageable. I guess experience does come in handy.


How latching can be a problem for babies during the first few days. Because while mummy is trying to remember that she needs to guide baby's mouth to the nipple, baby is also learning the whole latching and sucking.

How engorged your breast can be during the confinement period as the body adjusts to the babies needs. Pump out milk if it gets too engorged, or you'll end up getting a fever! Pump and store.

How painful it is when the baby first latches on the nipple, it's so painful but only for a few seconds until the let down period comes. I know that after a month or so, we both become a team and the breastfeeding journey starts becoming beautiful. Patience. Strong will and mind.

Oh and don't forget those crack nipples! Put on those cream when baby's sleeping. It will all go away.

Sleepless nights.

Oh don't even mention. But with the mind all ready for it, I know that when its time to wake up, just do it. Catch up on some sleep during the day. Don't think too much about it. The rule is, "When baby sleeps, you sleep...."

Glad that this time around, I have Mr. assisting me with changing diapers. One of the perks of working on our own.


What to eat, what not to eat. Socks to be worn at all times. Etc.etc.

I think different people choose to berpantang differently. I would say that there's different levels to it. If you're a Level 10, then you're the type who will sleep with your bengkung and eat all the jamus and pati ikan haruan and only drink half glass of water and don't eat at night (or something like that..) for the next 44 days.

I'm not too sure which level I'm at, but I do wear socks all the time because when I don't I can feel the chills in my body. I drink water, lots of them. Because I breastfeed my baby and water is necessary. I don't understand why people say "Jgn minum banyak air..nanti kembung.."

I enjoy pantang food. I like how simple and tasty it is. Also because when I breastfeed, I'm always hungry so you can give me any food, I will eat them. Just like the previous time, I do not enjoy spicy food during this period because my tummy still feels very sensitive.

How is Aisya adjusting?

Aisya has been quite a lovable sister, actually a little too much haha. She kisses Baby L all the time and it annoys me because she has a slight cold. Telling her every minute "Don't kiss yet until you get better," is really tiring.

"You're so cute're so cute," she'd say. And she doesn't know how to be gentle with the fragile baby.

Oh well, at least she's not jealous ( I hope! )

Can't wait for confinement to end and a Baby L to be a bit stronger. I remember enjoying Aisya at 2 months plus. Easier to handle. Not too fragile.

Alright, nursing time!

Hello little brother :)

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