Too early to send your toddler to school?

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Me and Mr. have been discussing this from the year before. The right age to send your toddler to school differs from different parent's needs and views.

We chose to send Aisya to school at 3 years old. My parents say "It's a good decision!" and some other parents tell me, "She's too young..."

Aisya grew up having the privilege to be at home with her grandparents. She didn't have to attend nursery/daycare at an early age. Alhamdulillah, rezeki dia.

However now at almost 3 years old, she is in need of socializing, especially because she's the only child. Sometimes I notice that she becomes bored at home of her toys and books, and she ends up in front of the computer, watching YouTube, that can sometimes last for hours.

I don't blame my parents and the nanny at home because it is not their job to entertain my kid. I on the other hand, although have quit my full time job, am not a full-time stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Yes,  I have more flexible time with my child now - but I'm not always there with her. I have a business in need of attention to grow into a company.

So the routine these days is that she attends playschool from 9am-12pm. During this time, I will be in the office. At 12, I pick her up, send her to my mom's place and spend about an hour or so with her, reading books and listening to her stories, until she doze off, and then I'm back in the office again. By about 5pm, I should be back at my mom's place again.

Glad that office is only 2 minutes away from mom's place!

What does she do in school? It's not like she is attending a school with exams and homeworks. In a typical montessori, they respect a child's natural psychological, physical and social development, so their typical playschool activity include singing, dancing and playing, doing some paintings and colouring, learn some islamic duas/prayers. Personally, I have seen a significant improvement in her social skills, alhamdulillah.

Aisya during artclass

My child now has less time 'feeling bored' which will usually result to youtube on the desktop computer. She looks forward to playing with the kitten at home, and then read some books, and play with her toys before having the chance to feel bored. I noticed that youtube is always her FINAL destination when she is out of idea on what else to do.

If you are the type who spends quality time with your kid at home everyday, go ahead, do so. That would be really good for your kid. Some parents enjoy homeschooling. Good! Somehow, I don't think I have the patience to spend the WHOLE day with my kid at home and entertain her - I'm just not that kind of person. I can easily lose my patience.  Some choose to send to nursery, which is okay too, because they get to socialize.

There may be studies that prove that sending your kid later can lower down the possibility of getting ADHD or hyperactive or what not. There are also parents saying that they want to let their child enjoy childhood. There will always be different opinions.

But here's my two cents.

Aisya and her playschool friends

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