Aisya & Her First Sports Day

5:49:00 PM

Aisya's been playing games in her playschool, "practicing" for sports day. She tells me after school the past week or so, "Today, Aisya play games!"

A few days before the sports day, I got her mind prepared by telling her stories on how the day will be - "...there will be lots of people.. we will be cheering for you..aisya must win ok!"

Felt super kiasu asking her to win and all, so the night before I told her "It's ok if you don't win ok Aisya.. just make sure you have fun!" #confusingmom #idontthinkshegetsit

So anyways, Sports Day started 7.30 am (SUPER EARLY) because they wanted to make sure that it doesn't get too hot for the kids. We left home about 6.45am and somehow WAZE got us somewhere else (you know how you always get lost in Putrajaya even with WAZE).. so we arrived 15 mins late, and we got a little chaotic, looking for her tent and her teachers and all. I guess Aisya, who just got up a few minutes before arriving, also got shocked with everything and didn't get enough time to warm up.

So, you get this......

not in the mood... still sleepy.. I don't want sports day, mummy...

Luckily, Mr. being the tougher one, just grabbed her and put her with her friends. She was reluctant at first, but her teacher held her hands and cheered for her to run, and then she saw us, and then, her mood started kicking in. She ran.. and did the whole sukaneka thing (put stars in holes, crawl, run etc...) and then she was already smiling... :)

I guess she doesn't really understand what 'sports day' really is.. but after that, I think she got it. "Mummy, I like sports day... Tadi Aisya lari laju mummy!"  (yaaaa... righttt.....)

Aisya telling her story...

At the end of the event, this kiasu-and-confused mummy was pretty happy because you know what, everyone got a prize! Hihihi. That's a good one, Brainy Bunch! Everyone is a winner ;)

Showing off her medal

The whole support team! (and Aisya who is still admiring her medal,....)

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