Breech Baby at 34 weeks!

4:48:00 PM

During my last checkup last week, doctor was scanning as usual and suddenly said "Eh! Kenapa pulak kepala kat atas ni..?"  Shocked to see the baby's head at the top instead of at the bottom.

I too, panicked a little. Errr...? So should I be worried doc? Not really sure on how to react. 

She did some more scanning and said, "Oh, there's quite a bit of a space here at the bottom, insyaAllah the baby can still move..But be prepared ya, if on the 39th week, baby is still like this, we will have to schedule for a C-Sect...." Dup..dapp...dup...dapppp...

So, for the past week or so, only God knows what's been going on in my head. Every other minute, I'm rubbing my tummy, guessing where the baby's head is now.. is it already at the bottom? Has he turned? Is that the buttocks? Or the head?

I'm anxiously waiting for the 36th week check up next week to see what's the baby's current position. 

At the moment, I've been practicing some natural ways in turning the baby around, which includes:

  • Sujud for a longer time after solat
  • Swimming
  • Talking to the baby
  • Making lots of dua - dzikir and also reading Quran - to relax myself
  • Putting pillows below my buttocks while lying down, and then placing ice at the head area to encourage baby to move away from the cold area
  • Walk around

There's sooo many natural ways suggested in the net and I'm just trying out whichever that sounds possible. 

Looking forward for a positive news next week! 

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