Aisya and her "tricks"

10:59:00 AM

Aisya's been a little bit more cunning these days. We parents, need to learn and be smarter!

When we tell her that she can only have one piece of chocolate, she'll then say "But what about you mummy? Aisya take another one for you, ok?"  --- and then the other extra chocolate goes back to, who? Her. 

She dislikes wearing her school attire and I really don't know why. I've tried telling her that she looks pretty and that everyone in school wears it, she says "But teacher tak pakai pun?" Pffttt...

Today, we told her that we're gonna eat apom manis before going to school. So when its time to put on her clothes, I tried the whole "Wow Aisya, look at your school baju! Green and yellow! Looks good on you!," Guess what she said?  "Tak boleh mummy, nanti baju school kena apom nanti.. kotor baju school kan?"

And then her other trick. She always tell us that she needs to go pee, when actually, she wants to go to the shop at the petrol station. When we bring her to R&R, she'll say, "Aisya nak shee shee kat Shell please...." or "Aisya nak shee shee kat McDonalds please....". After toilet, she'll say "Ayah, ayah taknak beli barang kat kedai tu?" or "Ayah, ayah taknak ice cream ke?" A couple of times, she just sits on the toilet bowl, waiting and then nothing happens and then she says, "Ok dah!" urghhhhh buat penat je panic takut dia shee shee dalam car! 

Oh my... this girl! 

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