Aisya's First Day of School

3:51:00 PM

It's Aisya's first day of school today!

(Actually, its more like a 3-hours playschool for her to socialize with kids her age)

We've been preparing her mind from weeks before on school:
+ Brought her there to let her familiarize with the place
+ Showed pictures of her friends in class that had registered last week
+ Keep on telling her to inform 'aunty' if she needs to go to the toilet
+ Repeatedly telling her that she needs to sleep early for school
+ Told her that 'susu botol' is only for early in the morning upon waking up and also just before sleeping at night.

Surprisingly, last night she slept at 8pm instead of the usual 12am! (without me forcing her)

This morning, she woke up excited. She didn't want 'susu botol' at all and said "Aisya dah big girl laaa,".

When she saw her school, she said "Waaaaa!" smiling excited.

Upon reaching her school, she was okay.

Until.... another kid arrived and cried "Ayah.. ayah..." And she looked back at me said "mummy...!" in a worried face. Hugged her tightly and told her that "Everything is okay Aisya. Mummy will come later to pick you up," and introduced her to 'aunty'.

After that, she went in straight to her class and never looked back. Mummy on the other hand, got a little bit emotional looking at her little girl, all independent and grown up. (+ the pregnancy hormone haha) And at that moment, ayah dia pulak, cool je. "Steady la anak I," pastu cakap "Jom pegi pasar," Ceit!

When I picked her up from school, she looked jovial and happy and then she said, "Tadi Aisya carik mummy, pastu mummy dah takda... then Aisya nangis in school,"

Oh no....Kesian lah pulak!

Be strong mummy! This happens to most kids during their first week of school it seems, I told myself. Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.



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