On Diwali Fireworks

8:42:00 AM

Aisya's Current Age: 2 Years 8 Months
Baby's Current Age: 11 weeks in womb

It's the Diwali celebration today and as usual in Malaysia, every celebration comes with annoying fireworks at night.

While in bed..

"Apa tu, mummy? Terkejut Aisya,"


"Apa tu, mummy?" (In the phase of asking so many questions)

"Come let me show you," and so I showed her videos on fireworks on youtube.


And then I continued on reading my bedtime book. While she was turning her back here and there, looking for the right sleeping position.

"Mummy, hug Aisya!"

And so I hugged her and a few minutes later, she dozed off to sleep, together with the fireworks blasting off every other minute in the background.

Ironically, putting her to sleep during the noisy nights seems to be easier than any other peaceful night.

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