Are you really a fighter? Or just a quitter?

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I personally think there's a difference between a businessman/women and an entrepreneur. I think a businessman sells products and there's a lot of them around. However, an entrepreneur creates business that serves a bigger objective. I see entrepreneurs as people with skills and brains, who knows how to empower people. I see entrepreneurs knowing the shortcuts to success. I see entrepreneurs as those who see long term goals and come out with creative brilliant ideas that others don't see.

After a couple of years being in this scene, I have learnt a lot. There are many out there that are short sighted. Only wanting to achieve a higher profit but do not see the importance of establishing a long term relationship. Tamak or Tak Sabar, they say. Which is why they go up high very fast but quickly collapsed too.

There are also out there that do not understand the power of collaboration - that when you work together, you can achieve a bigger and stronger goal. Most companies want to stand up on their own and then bring down others. Typical Malays I guess.

There are also companies that like the idea of selling, but not knowing how much they actually make monthly. They don't emphasize on their monthly financial reports - something that I've also just recently learned.

I personally think there's a difference between those who choose to leave something behind as either fighters or quitters.  I noticed that those who leave the workforce, claiming to 'try something new' are NOT really fighters but actually do that as an escape route, because they're spoiled. I noticed that people that give excuses are usually those who easily give up when a challenge comes.

Do you quit your current job because you cannot stand with what's happening and you want to try something new?

Or do you quit you current job because you are out to fight for something bigger?

Are you really a fighter? Or just a quitter?

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  1. Erin, this article reminds me of you and the path you chose. It takes a lot of courage the take the steps you had taken. :) Hope you enjoy reading it.


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