"Today, no more pampers for you ok?"

9:50:00 PM

I always assumed that there's no urgency in potty training Aisya. It's not like she's getting into school yet and to be honest, I was a little lazy to start, hihi. Changing her diapers seems to be easier than running and rushing to the toilet.

Last Friday, Mr. came back home and suddenly said "Starting next week, Aisya will not be wearing any diapers ok? I've read some articles on how to train her,"

Over the weekend, she told Aisya repeatedly, "Nanti on Monday, Aisya tak payah pakai pampers ok? Only babies wear pampers. Aisya dah big girl dah..."

"O-K!" she will reply happily. Macam paham je...

I thought it was a little too drastic. "Maybe we should train her to tell us when she needs to go first, while she's still in her diapers," I told Mr. "Nope, she will not tell you if she's still wearing the pampers, comfort zone.." Mr. was very firm with his decision.

So on Monday, I told Aisya, "Today, no more pampers for you ok? When you need to shee-shee, you tell mummy k?"

"O-K mummy!"

5 minutes later...

"Mummy...Aisya shee-shee.." and so I ran to bring her to the toilet, only to realize that she has already peed on the floor. She also looked clueless, or maybe shocked, to see that the floor was wet.

"See Aisya.. Mummy told you already that you have to tell me if you want to shee-shee.." I explained to her.

An hour later, I saw my mom's maid bringing Aisya to the toilet. "Eh? Dia mintak pegi toilet ke?"
"Taklah, memang macam ni caranya kalau baru belajar tak pakai pampers.. bawak saja ke toilet setiap 2 jam..."

"Ooooooohhhh.....Macam tu..." so I learned. Tak payah nak article sangat, bibik jugak pandai..

The rest of the day, no more wet floor.

The next day, surprisingly Aisya said "Mummy...Aisya nak shee-shee.." and then I brought her to the toilet, cheering and praising her for what she has done.

Alhamdulillah, a few days after that, it was quite a success, a couple of misses, one wet bed, but other than that, she's pretty good at it already. Even for the #2!

Of course, there were a lot of running and rushing to the toilet for me. And also had to make sure that she goes to the toilet everytime before we leave the house or at any stop.

Once, she even woke up from sleep and shouted "Aisya nak shee-shee!!!" and then right after peeing, she continued her sleep again. I think that's pretty funny.

So I guess she can now be ready for play school next year then!

My little girl is not so little anymore *sobbbb sobbb*

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