The Power of the Subconscious Mind

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Many times we tell ourselves that "Yes, I Can," as a way to motivate ourselves to be better. But little did I know that this is only a small part of us conquering our own minds.

I used to tell my dad, "I don't think I'm that good at Additional Maths subject, I don't seem to be scoring it like others do," and back then he told me that, "Look! Saying that, means you are already telling your mind that you are not good. You are already setting a wall in your mind, a blockage,". I never really understood it, I mean, Hello? Why can't I complain that I'm not good? Am I suppose to say that I'm good at everything even when I'm not? Hellooo?

But you know what, we have the capability to trick our mind. Success is about conquering the mind. This is something that I just realized these past week, thanks to the IMKK seminar by Dr Azizan that I attended and also by discussing further with my father-in-law.

We all know that our brain has waves:

1. Beta Wave - The Waking Consciousness 
This is the heightened state of alertness, the state when you are walking and talking, the state when you're awake. Its most important for effective functioning throughout the day. The Beta wave has voices; the nagging inner voice that gives reasoning and logical thinking to every situation you go through out the day.

2. Alpha Wave - The Deep Relaxation Wave 
This is the time that your subconcious mind takes over the brain. It happens when you are relaxing, or when you're just about to sleep or during light meditation. Do you know that this is the time that you can program your mind for success?

3. The other two waves are the Theta & Delta Waves - which are the state the brain goes into when sleeping and during deep sleep. Not so important here as I would like to share about the Beta & Alpha wave.

The ALPHA WAVE. The time when you are in that relaxed mode, is the best time that you can program your mind on what you want. This is also the strongest connection you can have with Allah, in telling Him your heart desires.

Some of the times that you brain gets into the alpha mode is through:

1. Solat (Salah)

If you read the book 'Think & Grow Rich' by Napolean Hill, or if your ask any psychologists, one of the ways to get your mind into the subconcious state is by breathing in deeply, hold your breath for 4 seconds and then breathe out again. Do you know that to achieve khusyukness (focus) during solat is to breathe in and out this way just before you start solat and also just before each sentences of reciting your surahs.

By doing this, you will get your mind into the Alpha state, and shut down all the voices from the Beta wave; you know, those voices of logical thinking and reasoning? Focus on Allah. And then right after your salaam, recite your prayers (du'a), while still in that state. Feel that connection that you have with Him.

The same can be applied to Zikir & reading the Quran. Breathe in deeply, hold for 4 seconds, and breathe out again. Feel that connection. Instead of praying just because you have to pray, and read the Quran just because you have to.. and keep on looking for that 'feeling' of connection. Ask Him all that you want, tell Him that you want that job position, that you want to score that particular exam, that you want a child, be specific! When do you want it? What is the score that you want? Which position? Which car model? Which year? Don't just say success, it can mean different things to different people.

When you first start practicing this, be patient with yourself. It takes time for your mind to get used to this.

2. Before sleeping & upon waking up

This is also why its sunnah for you to recite do'a just before sleeping and after waking up. Set your mind on what you want before you sleep, make do'a to Allah and do the same upon waking up.

This situation is also good for parents to shape up their children's characters. Just before they sleep, you know when they're in that dreamy zone, say positive things to them, tell them that they're smart and intelligent, that they're good muslims and muslimahs, that they will be nice to others. You can do the same to your partners too! Tell your husband "You're a good muslim, you're a good husband," and tell your wife "You're beautiful, you will have beautiful children," etc.

3. During shower

Do you realize how your mind comes up with splendid superb ideas when you're having a shower? I feel that all the time! That sometimes I just open up the door and shout a random idea to Mr. so that I will not forget it when I'm out.  Tell yourself positive things during this time. Even affirmative things to yourself, even when you haven't achieved it.

It seems that water has a strong purification power that it puts you into a relaxed state. Which is why sometimes when you're stressed out, you feel much better after your bath. Which is also why we take wudhu', to get ourselves prepared to face the alpha state.

4. When drinking water.

Just like the point before, water helps in getting yourself into the alpha state. That short duration of time when you drink water, talk to your brain.

5. During orgasm

This may be a little too private for those unmarried couples, but orgasm is indeed the highest state of the subconscious mind that you can reach before falling into the next wave. During that peak time of sex, ensure that you imagine having a good child, imagine if it is a girl or a boy, imagine how cute he/she is. Imagine your success story, who will be there beside you, where will you be in 5-10 years time. Imagine and believe it.

There are also other ways like listening to music and doing yoga. Google and you'll find out more.

Psychologists say that in order for you to change a habit, or in order for your mind to believe what you tell them, you have to repeatedly tell yourself the same dream for 44 days. According to my father-in-law, in Islam, its 40 days. I'm not too sure the magical story behind 40 days. He says its in the Quran. I will have to understand more from him.

Print out pictures of your dreams. Write them out. FEEL your dream, go and test drive that car that you've always wanted, or visit that house that you want to buy, try your best to feel it so that the imagination becomes stronger.

Many people can imagine but underestimate the power of the mind. You think you can only achieve so and so when the truth is, you can stretch your mind to imagine more than you think you can. Imagine the impossible. Your mind will do the magic, your body will automatically just follow your mind. Conquer your mind. Learn to shut out that voices in your head that tell you that you cannot, telling you that its impossible. Stop whining and stop telling yourself "Why can't I do this, why am I so unlucky'

These are some of the things that are explain in Western books like 'Think & Grow Rich', 'The Power of Your Subconcious Mind', 'The Secret' . But little did I know that many of our everyday Islamic practices can already help us getting what we want, provided we understand how to and why is it that we do what we do. Islam IS the way of life. There's just so many secrets that you need to unlock! You'll be surprised!

You know how we've been taught to 'Usaha, Doa & Tawakal'? I now learn that you should 'Doa, Usaha & Tawakal,'. Set your mind right, then work towards it and then insyaAllah, you will get what you want.

If not, like I always said, Allah Knows Best.

Now I wonder, why didn't anyone tell me this before this? Come to think of it, actually my father did, and so did Mr. but I chose not to listen, only believing part of it, and another part of me being skeptical, saying 'How is that possible?'

Conquer your mind. Imagine the impossible. And go and achieve it.

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