My Final Email to my Colleagues

3:13:00 PM

Assalammualaikum, good evening all.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I joined this company and today, is already my last day. 

When I first joined [my department] as part of the Engineering Associate programme, [my department] was such a small team. We were working a lot with the Domestic Team and I remember having to run up and down the stairs between Level 8 & 9 to get information from different people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their assistance in helping this newbie at that time; specifically the Planning, Engineering, QA QC Department. You know who you are.

Just like everyone else in [my department] at that time, I was assisting the team wherever possible; from updating the MDR, the project’s organization chart, updating staff’s CV for client’s submission, managing [my company's] booth during conferences & events and then moved on to becoming a Planning Engineer and then finally Cost Engineer about 2 years back. Through all these, I also got to know many others in this company who some have turned up to be dear friends of mine; be it Domestic or International Department; I have learnt and gained so much from these past 5 years here in [my company's] , thanks to all the guidance and assistance given by colleagues, seniors and bosses.

During this time, we may also have misunderstandings here and there but let’s be professional and move on. Forgive and forget :)

[my department] has grown much bigger now with so many new faces. I wish the team the very best in all the upcoming projects; May they all be successful.

Work hard, smile harder. Have faith. Stay grounded. Perform your very best in all that you do and always keep the positivity going. Don’t skip meals ya! 

I may bid farewell to you as colleagues but certainly not as friends. Do add me up on Facebook and let’s keep in touch there! ;)

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