It has been 3 weeks!

8:24:00 AM

Good morning!

Today marks the 3rd week of me working on my own. I now have a new laptop as my macbook decided to go KAPUUUKKKK on me, right after quitting the company [which also explains why I haven't been updating]. As I am writing this, my daughter is lying down on my lap, watching Dr. Mc Stuffins on Disney Channel. She has become less-clingy now, always seeing her mummy around.

So, how has it been?

It actually pretty tiring to be honest. The first week especially.

I used to plan my weekends, but now I have to plan my daily activities; which usually is not routine. I used to just do what my boss tells me, and just meet the deadlines.  But now, I have to plan out my day from the night before and meet my own deadlines.

After a few weeks, my brain is getting used to the nightly planning exercise and my body seems to get used to moving around a lot too.

I don't spend my whole day with Aisya. Usually in the morning, I will cuddle with her in her manja moments upon waking up, and then take her to shower. After that, I send her to my mom's and come and see her again around 4-5pm after I complete the day's work.

But its never really the same everyday. I have different tasks everyday. Flexible time; that's the awesome thing about this new world. Some days I'm too busy I see her only at 6pm. Some days, she spends time with me the whole day. The other great thing is that I also get to spend extra time with my mom and dad and my friends. And I also get excited upon seeing Mr. every evening.

How's business? Alhamdulillah, its heading somewhere insyaAllah. At the moment, its about running and kicking all the walls I see along the way. Dush! Dush! Dush!

Enjoying every moment of this!

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