The Word MALAS.

4:53:00 PM

I grew up with my parents making the word MALAS (lazy) a taboo. Never ever say the word MALAS even if you are lazy. Sigh a little, but don't say the word.

I never understood why its such a bad word, we're not even cursing!

Just like any other teenager, I rebelled a little. I started using MALAS when I was in Sydney, always giving excuses NOT to do certain things.

"Malas laa nak gi kelas..."

"Malas laa nak pegi event tu..."

"Malas laa nak keluar, sejuk laaaa,"

Little did I know that this has become apart of me now. Most of the time, I give excuses not to attend events just because I'm tired - what a ridiculous reason is that. I choose to procrastinate; delaying errands that can be done today to the next day just because I'm lazy.

I realized that I've missed out a lot due to this selfish me.

My parents tell me, "If you have nothing better to do, why be lazy?"

I think just the word itself is negative that even if you say it as a casual fun thing, it somehow becomes apart of you. Like calling someone stupid for instance; especially your own kids.

One MALAS leads to another MALAS. We need to JUST DO IT instead.
Life is too short to be wasted on the word MALAS.

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