Help! My back hurts!

10:19:00 AM

I've been having back ache at the top part of my body for a week now. It started last Friday. I woke up to a wrong sleeping position. And it hurts really bad! Not just neck, but also shoulder and back!

I put 'koyok' patch for two nights and it didn't get any better. Instead I had a hard time sleeping comfortably because of the cold tingling feeling of the patch.

Then I tried going for a massage. The massage parlor didn't give me a nice relaxing massage but it was a torturing one hour massage session because according to her, my blood is not circulating well and that area that hurts is now swelling.

The next morning, I woke up feeling like I just had a work out session the night before! The whole day went pretty bad for me. People tell me that it is normal to feel some ache after a massage session, its because you body is healing it seems. And so, I waited in patience.

The next day, body heals better but the pain at the shoulder and back is still there, actually even worst.

Today, after a week, I am still feeling it. Its as though, every morning, I wake up to a back sore.

Maybe its the sleeping position? Maybe its the pillow? Maybe its the mattress? Maybe it needs even more time to heal? Maybe I should put those patches every night? Mom says I should swim.


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