3:11:00 PM

One more week till my last day here in this company! #countingdays

I've been getting a lot of remarks on how happy I look as the date is nearer. My face lights up during conversations. I smile and laugh often. "Does it feel like a huge stone is removed from your head? Does it feel lighter?" To be honest, I do not notice any of these. But whatever, its good right? Maybe its the positive aura .. ceh ceh. 

Its funny how the person who is most affected that I'm leaving the company is my beloved husband. We've been in the same office ever since before we got married!

During our drive to and back from office, he will say sentimental statements like "I can't believe I'll be driving alone later on.." "I'm gonna miss our times..." "Who's gonna have lunch with me?".
As if I'm going off outstation or something #sweetgitu.


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