Trying to teach the little one discipline.

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Aisya turned two last two weeks.

At this age, she develops really really fast. Picking her up from my mom's after work, she seems to be learning something new EVERYDAY.

I asked her the other day, "Where are we going, Aisya?" "Mosh!" (referring to mosque). "Nak yayang...A'an.." (Translation: Nak sembahyang, quran...")..Oooo, melts my heart!

Last week, we passed by a truck and she said "Bye truck, see you later!," in her ke-pelat-an way. First time hearing such a long sentence from her!

She even picked up a new dance move; The Chicken Dance! (LOL)

Mom also tells me that she can now swim on her own in the big pool with the float on. (She was a little scared to let go of our hands before this if she can't feel her feet touching the floor)

However, despite all the fun and the excitement of the steep development, do you know that parents usually call this phase 'The Terrible Two'?  I would like to call this phase Testing-the-parents-patience phase. Hihi.

Last night, Aisya took her milk bottle and started tilting it and pouring milk on the bed. I told her, "Aisya, pls, no! Nanti basah katil ni," and took the bottle away from her.

She laughed. Took the bottle again, and poured some more milk on the mattress. "No, Aisya! Mummy said No! Nanti mummy cubit nanti,"

She just said "Bit, bit..." and then had this smirk on the face. She looked at my eyes. And then slowly took the bottle again. With my eyes stilled on hers, and with an even more firm voice I said "Mummy said no," She kept her eyes focus on mine, and her hands still taking the bottle, with this body language telling me that "Hmm.. I'm gonna do this mummy, I'm gonna do this again, Haha. I don't care mummy, this is fun," and she poured the milk again.

I took the bottle from her and pinched her on her hands. She looked at me and took the bottle from the table again! And poured again!

I finally grabbed the bottle from her and pinched her on her waist.

This time around, she understood. She kept quiet, and then cried. She cried so badly.

I know it wasn't painful, it was just a tiny pinch!

After calming her down, and changed her clothes, I squat down and told her, "When mummy say no, you cannot do it okay Aisya. If mummy say no, can you do it?"

She shook her head.

"Okay, good girl. Now say sorry mummy,"


And then I hugged and kissed her. And then suddenly she started running around, and then back to playing with her Lego.

Me on the other hand? I felt like I was the worst mummy ever! I'm even feeling guilty about it now, the next day and I can't stop thinking abou it.

But I guess, sometimes you gotta be firm when it comes to teaching your children. This is the phase when kids should be taught on discipline.

But the question here is, "Is it okay to use physical punishment as a way to discipline your child?" "How would you tell them that no means no?" Share me your views please!

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