A new mother in law?

10:36:00 AM

The weirdest thing happened last week. My father-in-law called us, to ask if it's okay that he remarries.

[insert long awkward silent moment]

Ever since my mother-in-law passed away in October last year, many people have been asking him if he's going to remarry. He's 58 years old now, and so people think that he's got a long way to go, if Allah permits of course.

Last two weeks, Mr's family and my family went for a holiday in Alor Setar. We stayed over at my uncle's place there. My uncle is 75 years old, and my aunty is 70 years old. Their children are all in KL, working and settling down with their new family in KL. Within our few days of stay there, we can see how loving they were. Laughing together while watching the tv, like all of us were invisible. Absorbed in deep conversations. Purely in love.

On the way back to KL, my father-in-law said, "I'm only 58.. I've got another 17 years to reach his age. Will I be growing old alone?" Little did we know that this leads on to whats next. We're not sure if he has found someone to marry back then or if he started looking for someone after that. But it was exactly a week after, that he came to us with this question. "Ok tak kalau ayah kawin lagi?"

It took Mr and his sisters some time to absorb the news. Especially because it has only been 5 months since their mother left them. I told them this, "Don't look at this lady as someone who will replace your mom, because no one can every replace Mak. Look at this lady as your dad's companion. Someone to be his friend, his peneman at home, penceria, while we all are busy with our lives,"

Because the truth is, can we, sacrifice all that we have, just to stay home with our parents? Even our parents will not allow that to happen. Yes we can go over for dinner after work, stayover during the weekends, but can we be there all the time with them? To cook for them and bring them around? Sometimes we have to think more than ourselves. Not everything is about us.

Alhamdulillah, we have all accepted that this will be happening, sooner or later. We met up with her and her kids last night, and we all seem to click okay.

Will I be getting a new mother-in-law soon? Will I also be getting another 4 more siblings-in-law?

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