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I don't really have a specific topic, so I'm just going to ramble and see what comes out.

You know how every time the new year starts, people will have a wish list or a goal list on how 2015 should be. I have never ever done that before. I'm not sure if I'm just not that semangat new year or if I'm the type of person who sets goals like just anytime of the year, just randomly.

Once I did a list of "Things I should do while I am abroad" just before flying off to Sydney. I don't remember going through the list throughout my years there but during my final year, I stumbled upon the list again, while packing to go back home for good. Surprisingly, I have actually met most of them, except for a few. Laws of attraction maybe?

One ridiculous one : go skydiving. Why ridiculous? Because I'm scared of heights and skydiving is the ultimate-height-adventure that I will never ever do. And I don't even regret it. Hehe. At that time, I was so motivated with people around me telling me to "overcome your fear!". Actually to think about it again, I was motivated with quite a lot of things back in my uni years. Oh, that young spirit!

Also because there was a lot of time and less commitments and responsibilities.

I get motivated too these days, especially when I can visualize it. However, decisions nowadays comes with baggage and risks.

Anyways, going back to the list. I told myself that maybe this year, I should have a list. And so I told myself that I'm only going to keep it to five instead of a long-impossible-list-that-gets-forgotten-after-5-months. Short and achievable! So I've been going through the list and I'm only sure of two of it. I keep on changing the other three. How?

Maybe I can finalize the list like in February or so. Hmm.

Ok, bye!

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