My Miscarriage Experience

1:26:00 PM

I've read that there are 3 options in handling miscarriage:

1. Let it happen naturally
2. With the help of Misoprostol Pills - which is also used for abortion
3. Dillation & Curretage procedure (D&C)

"Can I let it happen naturally?" I asked the first time.

"You can. But it will be messy. With lots of blood. You need to be near the hospital in case of anything,". She didn't warned me that it is also painful. I found out this too from some friends and also from the net. It will be like a 6-8hours of contraction & bleeding, even more painful than the usual menstrual pain.

Doctor initially suggested that I put 3 misoprostol pills into the vagina and come back to her clinic the next day and see if my body has expel everything from the womb.

After reading sooo many horror stories on google, I decided that I want to proceed with Option No.3.

Came back to the clinic and was told that even for Option No.3, I still need to put in the pills because my body doesn't seem to be expelling the fetus inside. And the pills helps to loosen the cervix to ease the D & C procedure.

An hour after the pill was in, I felt dizzy and cold. The cramps started. And when I was admitted in the hospital, the nurse confirmed that I have a slight fever. Mind you, I also had to fast, and my last meal was 8pm the night before. "This is normal. Side effect of the misoprostol pills," said the nurse.

And so I waited in bed. I was in pain. But not as painful as my usual menstrual pain, nothing that I couldn't handle. I think if I were to wait another 3 more hours or so, the pain would be stronger. However lucky me that there was a slot an hour later, and so I was brought to the Operating Theater.

My very first time in the OT. I was sooo scared! I didn't know I could be that scared! I've never had any drip before and when I saw them putting this long needle into my hands, I got scared too. Drama I know. But this is my very very first time. I even had thoughts of being awake during the procedure. Yes, drama. I know.

I was put to sleep. The next thing I realized, I was waken up by the nurse, telling me that it's all done. Alhamdulillah!

Vomitted a little. Side effect of the anesthetic it seems. And then I dozed off to sleep.

The next day, doctor did her final check up and said, "Where is it that you said you wanted to go again the other day? Istanbul?"

"No, Vietnam."

"Okay, you can go. You're not bleeding badly. Just make sure you take things slow. Come see me next Tuesday. You will be given MC until you see me then,"

I was told my many friends and relatives to take care and pantang, just like how I'd do after delivering. Doc said I don't have to take it too seriously. Just don't be too extreme in my activities. So I've chose to wear socks the first few days, make sure I keep myself warm. Don't eat anything spicy or sour. Walk slowly. Don't carry anything heavy.

So anyways, here I am, at my mom's place, 2nd day of MC, getting ready for Vietnam. InsyaAllah, it will be a good break from what just happened :)

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