On Mental Health Illness

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When I first received the email on this 'Mental Health Illness' forum that will be conducted by my company, I was shocked to see the fact that 1 in 4 people are affected by this illness. The first thing that came out of me my mouth was "Come on, is that right? 1 in 4??" and this was in a meeting room, just before project discussion was about to start. To my disbelief, two of supervisors actually acknowledged that they actually have depression.

"It's pretty normal laa.. .Its just that sometimes, people don't know that they're having it,"

"You will sometimes feel like shutting the world around you and just curl up in bed alone and just stay there,"

"Your kids don't even know this, but sometimes you just SHUT down and just ignore them,"

"I got high blood because of depression, my doctor advice me that I should have some more ME-time,"

I was shocked. There they were, in front of me, two supervisors that I've been working a lot together lately, and it never hit me that THEY, out of all the people I know, actually go through depression.

"But you guys look happy! And you're always smiling!"

Fact No.1 I learned today in the forum: Sometimes those who smile the most, are the ones who hurt the most on the inside. People can just wear a mask and smile, but no one knows what's deep inside of them.

So anyways, today I learned more about the illness after attending the forum. Actually, more reminders than facts. The workplace can really be the main contributor to stress and stress is the main factor in mental health illness. Money is never enough, position and power never seem to be a satisfaction, expectations - from oneself and from others - are not met. It seems that we always want more than what we have.

Different people will have different ways in coping with stress. We need to know our best way to deal with it. I know exercise helps, although not always the case for me, but it does give you that positive spirit. Solat - that five times a day in between your daily activities - that will help too. Solat on time - just like how Allah has planned it well for you and insyaAllah those breaks in between can help you de-stress.

I personally think that the word 'stress' shouldn't be used often. People start their complaints with the word 'stress' even when they don't mean it. "Stress laaa.... yadda yadda yadda..." Naturally, you will get yourself even more stressed than you were before.

Contentment. Something that we must all learn. In other words, bersyukur! Allah has given you so much, why are you still complaining? Look at others who are less fortunate than you. Don't keep comparing yourself with those who are better. Because you know what? There will ALWAYS be people who are better and less fortunate than you.

There was this one time, the speaker asked, "How many of you here are happy?" and not many raised their hands. Its either they were too shy to do so or they were really unhappy. When he asked that question, there were no doubt that my answer is yes. I am happy, I don't see any reason not to be. Of course not everything goes my way, not everything as planned, I'm not really carrying out my responsibility well, I'm not meeting up expectations (a lot of them, actually) but I am, happy.

"Life is wonderful," as how Jason Mraz says it.

You just gotta make the best out of it.

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