Finally, my 8 hours of sleep!

9:43:00 AM

It has been 5 nights since the last success story of weaning off Aisya. She still remembers sometimes and still comes up to me and say "Aww..Aww... See?" (Asking if she can see). And everytime I have to tell her that it is painful and then she forgets about it. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for making this much easier for both of us.

Anyways. You know what's an even awesome story to share? My girl who wakes up 2-3 times every night is now sleeping through the night! She sleeps at 9-9.30pm and wakes up around 7-8am in the morning..all the way! No waking up! Its just that the first few mornings, she would wake up crying looking a bit loss because usually she wakes up nurse straight away with mummy. So I had to cool her down and distract her.

But this morning, was different. She woke up at around 6.20am, and straight away sat down and pointed to the door and said "Air...Air..." (water). So I carried her out to the kitchen and filled up a glass with water. Gulp..Gulp..Gulp.. she was drinking lots of water! Must be very thirsty! Then she showed her bottle and said "Susu!"(milk)

I boiled some water and put 3 spoons of powdered milk into her bottle. All the time she was just looking at me, patiently waiting. Then after I poured the boiled water into the bottle, she said "Air...Susu! Air...Susu!" and took the leftover from the glass of water earlier, wanting to pour it into the bottle. How does she even know this?, I wondered. I poured some room-temperature water into her bottle and when it was all ready, she clapped her hands and shouted "Yayyyyy!"

After finish drinking 5 ounce of milk she looked at me and said "Mimi...yakkkk" while showing her pampers. She still cannot tell between business No.1 and No.2 so I checked and realized that her diaper was I changed her.

After that, she smiled, glad that all her morning problems are solved. Turned on Disney Junior and I woke Mr. up for Fajr prayers.

Just after Fajr prayers, I had a moment, just looking at my child watching the tv, and again being reminded that she is growing up a little too fast. I'm happy and proud that she knows what she wants and say it but it also tells me that she's slowly being independent and that one day she doesn't need her mummy anymore *criesssss..okay mummy being dramatic*

On another note, alhamdulillah, today Aisya managed to wake us up just the right time for Fajr instead of our usual last minute prayers.

Aisya sleeping through the night, mummy FINALLY gets her 8hrs of sleep at night, performing fajr prayers on time...It was a good start to our day :)

Cheerful Aisya earlier this morning.

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