Weaning off Aisya - 3rd Night

10:13:00 AM

Sorry to dear men as this post will be a little too personal for you to read, you may choose to not continue reading it but if you're a husband who wants to help your wife in weaning off, sorry for too many boobies talk ya ;)

Success! Success! Success!

Syukur alhamdulillah.....!

Such a relief! No screaming. No crying. No tantrums.

Yesteraday, after talking to some other breastfeeding mummies in my office, I texted Mr. and said "Okay tonight, leave it to me. I'm going to try something else..."

After dinner + desserts, we arrived home around 9pm. Mr. brought back a toy car for Aisya tonight so she was excitedly playing it with her other yellow school bus and black range rover. I took some nescafe powder and made a paste out of it. Went into the toilet and put the paste all around nipple area.

(It turns out that the night before, I was using powder so of course she didn't really taste the coffee and kept on drinking!)

I went out and said "Aisya.. come here, mummy needs to tell you something,"

She looked at me. Then I pulled up my top and she got excited. Then I showed her my breast and said to her "Aisya, look... mummy pain..mummy aww..." Then her excited look changed to disgusted. Her 20 months best-friend is now all black and ugly.

"Aww....aww..." she said slowly and cluelessly. Then she held my top and close it back..and said "Aww..." Then she ran away and continued playing with some other toys.

Many times after that, she came over to me and said "Awww? Aww?" and then pulled my shirt and when I showed her again, she said "Oo...awww...." and continued playing again. She even pat my face (eventhough it felt more like a push haha)

Then when it was time to sleep, she went restless. Such a pity! Usually I would say "Okay. .time to sleep!" and she'll go to her sleeping area and pull my hand and I will nurse her to sleep. This time around, she pulled my hand to her sleeping area, she laid down and then suddenly remembers that "aww" and then she stood back up again.. running around aimlessly. She pulled my hand out of the room, asking to watch cartoon, and then suddenly asking to be carried, and then ran around, and kept on scratching her head, yawning, rubbed her eyes....she was just lost. Kesian sangat...

But she didn't asked for milk.. at all! She understood that her mummy was in pain but she didn't know how to sleep! (I've read somewhere that learning to sleep is actually a skill that kids need to learn without assistance from parents). So after about 30 mins or so, I picked her up and brought her out to the balcony and hum Barney's I Love You.. about 5mins later, she dozed off to sleep, without wanting to be nursed!  I felt soooo happyyy!

I prayed for a smooth night as I knew that she will wake up again later. At around 2am, she walked to our bed, asking for milk. I then told her that "Mummy awwww" and she just looked at me and then she laid her head next to me and fell asleep again. Alhamdulillah.

Then at 5am, she woke up again, this time sounding restless, and so I thought that maybe she was hungry. Mr went to make her milk and pass it back and she resisted. She put her hands under my top and got some nescafe paste on her hands and decided not to drink.

Then I had to bring her out and watch some cartoon while she doze off to sleep again. She was restless and lost but she didn't know what to do. All I could do was just entertain her and kept on distracting her and tried my best to make her happy.

This morning on the way to send her to my mom's, she pulled my shirt wanting some milk and I said "Mummy awww" and she understood right away and just continued playing with her Barney CD.

I need to try this again for the next few night and insyaAllah she will just get over it after a week.

Sometimes you forget that your child has grown up and can understand situations and feelings. She didn't even get to taste the bitterness of the nescafe! Just letting her understand that her mummy is in pain helps. Or maybe the disgusted look of the nipple hahaha.

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