Weaning Off Aisya - 2nd Night

5:43:00 PM

After the tiring episode during the 1st night, we've decided to try out a different method.

Aisya fell asleep in the car on the way back from Subang Parade, so putting her to sleep was not a problem.

"Okay so tonight, I will sleep outside ok?," I told Mr. We discussed a little bit more on how to tell her that I'm not home and I'm away etc. 10pm.

At 12.30 am, I heard her cry. "Okay, she's up, bismillah...". Her cries went really really crazy this time around. She was screaming loudly, banging on the door numerous times..and it hurts me really bad to just sit still and listen to all that.

After about 10 minutes, Mr. called me and whispered for me to go out of the house. He will be bringing Aisya out to prove that mummy is not around. I, on the other hand, stayed at the balcony, listening to the traffic sound of the Federal Highway.. which was quite okay as I cannot hear her cry. Mr called my phone and told me to speak to Aisya..so I told her "Sorry Aisya, mummy needs to work.. Aisya go watch cartoon k.." and she heard me saying that and then suddenly screamed and screamed even louder. Oh myyy....*criessss*

I stayed for another 10 minutes or so and I slowly went back in. Everything is back quiet, alhamdulillah. I went back to the sofa bed and tried to sleep back. And then suddenly another scream woke me up! 2am! She's awake again. Banging on the doors loudly. This time around I couldn't take it anymore. I quickly tried the other method that was a little bit euwww...I put some coffee on my breast and went straight to the room.

She saw me and rightaway kept quiet and laid her head on my shoulder. And then she started crying again, showing me the bed, asking me to sleep. I tried to distract her from the breast but that didn't work. She was already throwing tantrums (something that I've been controlling and never seen her doing so.. this episode managed to leash the tantrum in her...argh!)
So I gave in, hoping that she'll reject the bitter taste of nescafe. Surprisingly, she just kept on drinking! Nescafe susu kot!

Method No.2 - FAILED!

After she went back to sleep, me and Mr. were discussing in bed..What were we thinking? That our kid was stoooopid?? Of course she knows her mummy is around. Its at night! She KNOWS which is why she was rebelling and screaming. And the other problem with this method is that even after a week of us sleeping seperately, she will still remember the breast when I come to sleep back with her. This method definitely is not recommended for toddlers. Babies yes, but definitely not toddlers. They're too smart.

This morning, she woke up, and smiled and hugged me. Which was very very comforting, knowing that after all of that 'torturing', she still loves me *dramatic mummy*.  However, I really miss her in the office today, feeling very very bad for making her cry so badly...*even more dramatic mummy*

I've talked to some other mummies today and I will be trying something else tonight. Wish me luck!

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