Weaning off Aisya - 1st Night

9:45:00 AM

We've decided to wean off Aisya.

So tonight, when she woke up, hoping to nurse back to sleep, I had to tell her that "you're a big girl now" and she just kept on crying and crying. It was a battle. She kept on pulling my top and pushing away her bottle and I had to keep on distracting her with her favourite youtube clips, singing to her itsy bitsy spider and carrying her around the house to rock her back to sleep. Finally after 2 hours, she finally gave in. She showed her bottle and said "susu...". She drank all 5ounce and went back straight to sleep. Fuhhhh.

All throughout the 2 hours, it breaks my heart seeing her cry because as hard as this is on her, it is hard on me too. 20 months of nursing her had created a bond that only another
nursing mother would understand. It feels like a break-up. I will definitely miss the moments.

Everywhere people tell you the good side of breastfeeding but no one warns you that weaning off is THIS hard! Or is it just me?

I hope and pray that tomorrow night would be a better night, may Allah ease it for both of us.

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