Aww... she misses us!

10:28:00 AM

It has been two nights straight that Aisya sleeps at 9pm and wakes up around 8am. But last night, she decided to wake up around 10pm and walked aimlessly out of the room and joined me and Mr watch 'Kusinero Cinta' on Astro Mustika... still in that sleepy mode.

And then, she started reading and asking for the cheesecake that I was enjoying..Back in my head, "What? Cheesecake late at night? Not for you!" but then again my heart was saying...'Awww... she wants some cake..." and so I fed her some. Until she grabbed away my spoon and fed herself even more cheesecake and not giving me back!

A few weeks back...
After that, she got excited and then started taking the flashcards on the floor and blubbering some baby language that I dont understand and then she took her animal book and called Mr. to read to her. She pulled my hand into her playroom and started drawing on the blackwall. And then played with her car and some other toys and then after quite some time, I started yawning...."Aisya.. okay.. its sleeping time.."

She usually gets it. And she will run straight to her mattress and lie down. But last night, she didn't want to. She grabbed Mr's hands and asked him to join her too.

I gave up. I said "Ok, Goodnight." and left the two of them playing.

This has happened a few times before actually. Sometimes she wakes up at 3 or 4am, inviting us to play with her; watch cartoon or read a book and we will take turns in doing that.

I'm not sure how long after that but suddenly Aisya climbed up onto out bed, and pulled my top, asking to nurse. Yes, that's a sign that she wants to sleep. I usually nurse her to sleep. And so while she was halfway asleep, I said "I think it's the cheesecake," and Mr said,

"No dear... she misses us. She wants to play with us. The past two nights, she just spent a lot of time with us over the weekend but tonight, she misses us,"

And then.. I went to sleep thinking about all those times that she's been waking us up, and the limited amount of time we spend with her throughout weekdays..that un-explainable feeling; I feel bad. But then again, that's just how it is with working parents. Which is why we try our best to make time for her in the evening after work and also during the weekend and plan for holidays - to make up for the lost time.

Morning walk we had last week at the Subang Lake

But is that really how its supposed to be done? You can't get everything, right? Some say, quality is better than quantity? Its not about how much time you spend, but how you spend that limited time you have. Is it so?

Its events like this that motivates me more in making our business grow. That HOPE of having the flexible family time, not MORE time.. but FLEXIBLE time. Please make dua for us.

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