Our Weekends

2:03:00 PM

Here's a pic of us (including cranky Aisya who just got up from sleep) after dinner with Tante Debby from Jakarta at Hadramawt Restaurant in Jalan Ampang.

This is how our weekends are being spent sometimes. Meeting potential business opportunities. Keeping up the ties with them. If can, we schedule these meetings during the weekends. If not, after office hours. 

Weekends are when we reply most of the emails and re-stock our products and take photographs of our products and update the website. 

Oh and don't forget to add in the occasional weddings and parties and family lunches and dinners. 

Sometimes our day ends really late. 

It's tiring - and fun at the same time. Contrary to most Malaysians, we only go to the malls if we need to buy something or meet up people and we always try to keep it to just Subang Parade or Empire Subang because of its short distance from home. The limited spare time that we have sometimes are spent watching DVDs (to substitute cinema time hehe), swimming or have a walk in the park. 

I think me and Mr are those kinda people - that needs to just keep on making ourselves busy and occupied or we will just be lazy bums. We're young and so we just need to keep on striving and grab opportunities as we go. I like how we're already running our own business- although small, but at least we've started. The engine has already started - we just need to let it vrrrooooooommm! 

I like how the both of us can work together running the business. His strength and my strength combines well, alhamdulillah. He fills up the forms, I do the packing, he does the talking, I do the email writing. He does the proposals, I do the follow ups. He takes the photos, I upload and edit them. 

Allah is great. I didn't even know we could do this. In fact, I didn't even know I could.

And when it comes for a break, we just go for it! 
A well-deserved break that will always feel worth spending the time and money on :)

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