On Hidayah

2:53:00 PM

Hidayah or in other words 'Guidance from Allah' is something that Allah sends to those He wills. When Allah opens your heart for it, then you are considered the lucky ones.

Alhamdulillah.. you will hear people say.

However, people forget that sometimes, hidayah comes to those who also seek for it. Its vice versa, you see. Sometimes Allah takes away something that is very close to your heart, so that you start seeking for Him, for hidayah. But many are still to blind to see - sometimes because your heart is too dirty that it needs to be cleanse - or sometimes because you're still to attached to some other wordly thing - or sometimes because you are too ignorant that you choose to just ignore.

Sometimes, people also expect that hidayah comes in such a miracle way that a person can be a killer today and then suddenly, an imaam the next day - okay maybe that's a little too much hihi - people expect that one day you're drinking and gambling and then suddenly the next day, you're praying 5 times a day. OR something a little bit more typical - people expect that one day you're wearing sleeveless and miniskirts and then suddenly when you decide donning the hijab, you're expected to speak softly and cover up your chest and your neck and wear full long sleeve and wear socks --- oh come on...!

Yes, occasionally, people do change 360 degrees just like that. Some goes through stages. It's a matter of time - and Allah decides what works best for each individual.

Even if one have received his/her hidayah, one needs to still work on it because imaan can be a roller-coaster if you don't push to maintain it - what more to increase it!

So even if you accidentally miss your subuh prayers today, be sure that you pray the balance of four times, and try again tomorrow.. and the day after.. and the day after. Just make sure that you KEEP ON TRYING!

You will slowly realize that the same concept can even be applied to your everyday life.

Let's all try to be better Muslims and Muslimah, insyaAllah :)

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