Lets get organized!

9:11:00 AM

I'm a mess.

Everything is a clutter that I keep on forgetting things!

I'm sooo disorganized.

I need to buck up.

I need to plan and organize my things - and my LIFE!

People are wondering how I do it all at once - run a part time business, work full time and still be a mummy - the truth is I'm struggling.

I know I can do it but I need to be organized! That will be my no.1 priority for Year 2014.

Let's start off by organizing my purse first and then my handbag so that I don't keep leaving things at home- that includes organizing my make up too, they're everywhere!

I've decided to get myself this from Fashionvalet: 

Then move on to planning my life - get myself a planner. I've always told myself that I like to put reminders in my phone but you know, STOP PRETENDING, I still need that small notebook with me because you know what? I even forget to charge my handphone too...! pfftttt...

I'm trying to accomplish soo many things that none are really accomplish. Hmm.

I will keep posting on my progress, let this be a challenge to myself. New Year's resolution doesn't need to start exactly on the 1st of Jan 2014 - I'm working on it now.

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