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Time is so valuable these days. I don't know how I manage but I am somehow still surviving. I realized that I shouldn't question if there's time to complete certain things, I don't even have the time to question that in the first place.. I just do it.

This is me with one child, juggling time between work, personal, family and business. Its like everytime I'm awake, I'm constantly thinking and when I'm asleep, I wake up easily to the sound of my daughter. I'm not sure how other moms do it with 4 kids! SALUTE!

It's wednesday, and I'm already planning for the weekend, for the week after, for the month after... which is good. and also overwhelming sometimes.

I need to put priority to quality. Its not just about multi-tasking.. its about doing the very best everytime I multitask. I cannot be leaving Aisya's pampers at home because my mind was occupied on when to introduce our next product.

Responsibility. As a daughter. As a wife. As a mom. As an employee. As a business owner. Oh my. I don't think I'm doing them all that well!

I wanna have time to go for facial.. the time to finish that book that I've been flipping.. the time to go and shop for my office pants (which explains why I just do online shopping these days, unless I can get them at Empire or Subang Parade)..I want to cook for my husband..I want to hit the gym back...I want time.. actually, No. You know what I need?

I need to remanage my time. I need to start implementing back the 4 quadrants into my daily life. Everything is 'urgent' 'urgent' 'urgent'.

And I need to be able to do that so before I turn into some psycho stress woman.

Maybe I'll get better with practice. Maybe all moms do so.

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