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So my cousin Ezyana gave birth last night, and it's down to just me now. We're only 7 weeks apart and we've been comparing notes on the pregnancy for the past 5 months and she's done! She's officially a mummy! And I have 6 more weeks to go :O

I asked her a lot on whatsapp on what she took and how she felt and I'm gonna bombard her with more questions when I see her soon tonight. I've been thinking a lot about labour these days. Getting too close to the date, I'm worried with how painful it's going to be. But as what they say, "It is PAINFUL! And there's no way you can run away from the pain. With all the drugs and painkillers, you will still feel the pain, and the only different thing is when. So don't think so much about it and when it happens, it just happens and you just have to go through it. Just be mentally strong,"


Nevertheless, listening to her experience is just wonderful. You know after the whole intense pain of labour, the minute you see your child, it all goes away. With the daddy cutting off the umbilical cord and then saying the azaan, oh my.. I can imagine how wonderful that moment will be.

O Allah. Syukur and thanks to You for the safe delivery of Ezyana's baby. Please ease my pain and please make it an easy and successful delivery for me. YOU definitely are the best of all. 

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