10:22:00 AM

On Monday, I felt the discomfort of wearing pants, even the new maternity pants that I just bought. So I was looking around for a long dress to be worn to the office, and then I got really stressed up and emotional about it. I complained and complained to Mr. that it left him clueless on what to do. Kesian dia. I finally found a 'jubah' in mom's wardrobe, and then wore it. Turns out that it's short, just above the ankle. Urgh! "Yah, whatever, I'm just gonna wear it," I told myself. And then the whole day yesterday, I didn't really feel that good. Felt like some tall popeye olive using a shrink dress with a bulging out tummy.

Anyways today, alhamdulillah, went into the wardrobe and found mom's long dress in just a minute, just perfect! Put it on and when Mr. saw me, he said "You look lovely today dear," and it just made the morning start well. He may have said it to avoid the whole morning drama again, or he may said honestly, but whatever it is, it's a good start. I'm feeling good today :)

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