Mothercare is on sale!

5:47:00 PM

Mothercare Malaysia is on its year-end sale. Of course I didn't know about it, but the excited grandmother. She called me up while I was at work and told me that she's at the branch in Subang Parade, thinking of buying some basic needs for the baby.

So that night, me and Mr went there with her. The cashier brought out a plastic bag, and showed us all the items that my mom has put aside.

"These are the basic things you need the minute the baby is out, the first few weeks. Everything else, you can buy later, after the baby's born," according to mom.

1 set of  basic new born clothes - long sleeve & short sleeve. mittens. socks. baby shampoo. nail clipper. facial cloth. hair brush. baby's fabric detergent.

I'm only reaching my 24th week of pregnancy this weekend, so I'm still taking my own sweet time equipping myself with baby knowledge- what to buy, whats the cheapest in the market, which is the best option etc. Of course most of these things were not in my list. But thank to mom, that bit is settled now - the basic things.

There's still more to go - stroller, baby carrier, wipes, car seat, milk bottle, breast pump and the list goes on.
And those are just the things that I know off. We went to a baby exhibition last 2 weeks and there's just soooo many more things that I didn't know! --- that's alright, I'm gonna take my time. Choose the best. I still have about 4 more months to go.

My baby is lucky to be blessed with, not only excited grandparents, but also excited grandaunties & granduncles. One of my aunties just got her a Play Pan (otherwise known as travel cot), also from Mothercare...oh my, she is going to be spoiled!

From us happy parents, we say thank you to dear aunties and uncles and we hope there's more! Hehe.
Syukur alhamdulillah, rezeki baby :) 

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