It's a girl! :D

12:28:00 AM

My baby's 5 months now and we went for a detailed scan with Dr Delaila last 2 days. She started from the skull, measuring the circumference of the head and then moved on to see the lips, to check if it has crooked lips (sumbing) and then she measured the thickness of the neck to check if it has down syndrome .and then she went on to check on the spine, to see if it has hunchback, and then she calculated the fingers, all 5 on both sides..and she went on and on and on.. and then she reached the legs and said..

"Okay so now you see the legs, is there anything in between?"


"So.. it's a girl! Congratulations!"

Mr. wanted a boy so it took him 2 seconds to absorb the news (hihihi) but I smiled instantly :) :) :)

Then suddenly he started talking about 'daddy's little girl' and how cute the baby looked in the screen and then started imagining the first moment he will meet her and read the Azan to her. You should know that Mr likes to imagine the future a lot. He has already planned how he should position the camera in the labour room and how he should pose while I deliver! - although I'm very sure that all that will not happen hehe.

Can you see the eyes & nose & the really buncit tummy?
You should also know that earlier during the scan, the baby's head was on the left and then suddenly it just flipped to the other side. Having fun?

Alhamdulillah - everything about the baby girl is looking good. Should we start naming her baby rawakramblings? or maybe little miss?

We haven't even found a real suitable name for her yet! I'm looking for something short and sweet.

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  1. Yeaaaaayyyyyy Erin! :) Happy for youuuuuuu. Baby girl is gonna be so cute! Hope everything goes smoothly for you babe.

  2. Erina, u know delaila used the same line on us aritu.. LOL! "Okay so now you see the legs, is there anything in between?"


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