Zaahara is growing! - introducing quality English Islamic Books

6:39:00 PM

Zaahara website is now officially running with customers ordering daily, Alhamdulillah! You may click on the link at the top right of this page to view it.

We've engaged iPay88 as our payment gateway so Malaysians can now buy products with just a few clicks - we accept Maybank2u, CimbClicks, RHBonline, Visa, MasterCard and many more forms of online transactions! 

We've also introduced our second range of product: Islamic Books, ranging from Seerah & Biographies, Wedding, Marriages & Family, and Children books. Many ordered women reading materials like 'Gift for Muslim Bride' and 'Women Around the Messenger' however we didn't expect to receive such high amount of orders on the english children books. Titles like 'My First Quran Storybook' and 'Goodnight Stories from the Life of Prophet Muhammad," seem to be favorites. Many adults even quietly confessed that most of them don't know much about stories from the Quran, as they've been brought up with stories of prince and princesses, oh don't we all?

This coming weekend, me and mom will be heading off to Indonesia to add more interesting products in Zaahara. I love how Zaahara is growing and how our dreams are slowly becoming reality, one by one :D :D :D

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  1. Congrats!! This is awesome! im looking forward to get the books and Sidr Honey. Don't worry, getting them once payroll is in. hehehe :D

  2. Thank you dear :) Pls do promote to your friends too! :D


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