My baby's first kick!

9:50:00 AM

Everyone else have already felt their baby kicking: my three pregnant colleagues, my two pregnant cousins. Except for me! I know I'm the junior one, but I've been waiting...and wondering how will it feel like.

And then last two nights, as I was lying down to sleep, I felt like a really strong heartbeat from inside my tummy. I thought that it might be the baby's heartbeat, but it wasn't regular. It went on twice, and then I told Mr, "Yanggggg! I think the baby's kicking?". He rightaway sat up and placed his palm on my tummy....and then BOM! A strong drum beat just hitting my tummy! telling his daddy, "Yes, this is me!"

Mr. got so excited, "I felt it! I felt it!" and I smiled widely....Yay! I finally felt it! My baby's first kick! :D :D

Screenshot from my ipad's Sprout Lite apps. It gives me weekly updates.

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