Partner to chose

2:44:00 AM

The best partner to chose is when you know he/she completes the loopholes in you.

He/she can be able to lead you to be successful.

He/she believes in you and support you.

He/she constantly prays for your undertakings.

He/she doesn't complain about money.

He/she loves God Almighty more than you.

He/she can guide you to Jannah.

He/she can't live without you.

He/she misses you even a minute.

He/she wants to grow old with you.

He/she smiles at you even if you screwed he/she.

He/she is grateful to have you as a life partner.

He/she knows that the world separation  is temporary as live in heaven awaits for a glorious and sincere relationship.

He/she doesn't give false hope.

He/she is real and not fake.

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