Money don't come easy!

12:53:00 PM

It has been a busy busy week for us in the Zaahara team. We had a corporate order of 200 bottles as Ramadhan gifts. With the limited time and resources, we had to use all the possible way to ensure that we secure this first huge order of ours.

We even hired this cute little niece of mine. Child Labour hehe paid with a box of milo drink. "Aunty Erin..this honey goes around and around and around i can even draw while putting this in the bottle...!"  

Of course, she only did that one bottle and was off to watch Princess Bubble Gum on Astro.

"Rezeki sentiasa di depan mata, terpulang kalau kita nak usahakan ataupun tidak.." Someone once told me that Allah has lay down everything in front of our eyes for us to work on but its up to our own creativity and hardwork. You've gotta be smart in choosing the right business to venture in and you've gotta be ready to risk-it-all and start all over again when it doesn't turn out well. "Jatuh, berdiri lagi.. dan berdiri lagi.. jangan putus asa..," Many times, people give up after several attempts without knowing that they're left with that one final attempt to success. 

The truth is yes, the honey is there in front of our eyes, but we needed to work hard to be able to sell them. Rebrand them, repack them, market them, deliver them. So is with everything else. You wanna sell clothes? There's processes involve. You wanna do trading? You gotta meet people and research on what's the best trading price etc. Takda usaha, mana nak dtg duitnya? Hmm kalau nak rasuah boleh lah kot kan?  

For us, it was indeed, real hard work. Throughout the preparation, I said to Mr, "We want money? We gotta work for it kan? It will not just fall from the sky," The first few months of business, when we received payments, you can only imagine how satisfying it feels, kemanisan business sendiri! You gotta do it to feel it. And I can now imagine the joy we'll feel upon receiving the payments for this 200bottles, insyaAllah it will all go fine :)

Glad and happy to have such supportive family members to help us out in establishing Zaahara. Moving on, we need to look forward in hiring permanent workers for Zaahara - may Zaahara grow successfully, insyaAllah. 

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