Green Apple + Carrot Fruit Salad

12:03:00 PM

I'm entering my 13th week of pregnancy tomorrow and that will be the end of my first trimester, alhamdulillah. I only vomited that three times throughout this first trimester and been eating well. However, I've lost 2 kilos, which according to some articles, is normal for the first trimester. 

This week, my appetite's been increasing! Last two nights, I went to the kitchen for a bowl of koko krunch and cold milk at midnight because I was too hungry I could not sleep. Yesterday, I was already hungry for lunch at 11am and ate a whole plate of rice - usually I can only eat half portion.  By 4pm, I was hungry again.

So today, I decided to bring some supply of healthy snack to keep myself full in between meals. Other than a box of Sunmaid raisins, oatmeal cookies, breads and a box of milo drink, I also did this yummy fruit salad:

What I use:
2 Granny Smith apples, cut into cubes.
Half carrot, cut into thin slices. 
2 tablespoon of Mayonnaise
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of brown sugar

Pre-mix the mayonaise + lemon juice + brown sugar. Add them to the cut apples and carrots. Add some raisins (or walnut if you like) and tadaaaa! YUMMY Healthy Fruit Salad! Keeps me full and focus at work :D

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