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It's been such a pleasure to be able to fast this year with wife and new families. A totally new feeling as compared to the previous years. I am thankful to Allah Almighty for all the kindness He has given to me.

Now I understand the difficulty in doing business. Everyone of us would love to make money and become rich. When we see someone is successful in their business, we will always envy them and wish to do business. We say it is easy. Is it really easy? Think about it and try venture into business and you'll know the dark side of it.

To dream about money is easy. To get money is not that easy. The difference between the successful and the dreamer is the ability to withstand the obstacles along the way. The risk is high when you venture into business.

  1. Capital;
  2. Market;
  3. Competition;
  4. Rules and regulations;
  5. Vendor management;
  6. Manpower;
  7. Time management;
  8. Luck;
  9. Timing;
  10. Discipline
Looking at the above, these are the challenges and issues that me and wife has been flirting with for the past two months. In two months time, we have learned new things everyday. It's fun. It's challenging.
You name it. One of my vendor was saying," If business is easy, everyone would have ventured into business." Very true. 

The first rule of business is to study the market. You got to know what is your market - client and competition which I call two C's. Study the 2 C's and you will be able to know if you can sell your products or not.

Second rule is discipline. Having the capital, products, manpower and everything but if there is no discipline, no way you are going to be able to achieve success. Based on my own experience, I have set up photography business with a friend of mine. We have all the equipments, skills, manpower and even our own studio. Know what, it was not a successful business. Main reason for this failure is because there is no discipline in doing the business. Even though it was bad, I learned a lot from there.  Blaming your own self doesn't change situation but learning from it and improving it for the next venture is something nobody can teach you.

Business is about discipline. Being able to withstand the challenges and keep yourself moving is the key. Don't just sit and wait for money to come in. No way man. We are not Prophets. Try and move around and wonders will come. The people you approach might not buy your products but at least you know you have done marketing for your business. 

There's a quote " Dream big and start. Start small is better than not starting at all." It's not easy but at least you are living your dream. Go and study people who achieved success in their business undertaking and you can see the similar patterns among them. Hardwork, self-believing, motivated and discipline. These are the keys to be successful. 

One thing to remember, in business, it doesn't work if you are alone. You need to have a good partner, good manpower and good clients to support you. Create a healthy relationship with people. Don't push hard to get sales. Winning is not about getting the results in the first attempt. Winning is a habit. Let yourself lose in the beginning for you to be able to constantly win in the future. The best way to win is to ensure you enjoy doing business. 

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